YOWhatsApp APK 12.11.4 Latest Version 2020 | Anti Ban (YOWA)

YOWhatsApp Apk

What is YOWhatsApp?

YOWhatsApp, YOWA APK is amongst one of the best WhatsApp mod app with latest version 12.11.4. If you want to have alike apps like WhatsApp and some of its other mod version, then I’ll say you should download YOWA apk.

It is called as “Yousef Al Basha Yo WhatsApp apk” as well just because this is developed by Yousef Al Basha. This app has wonderful features that will permit you to download this app.

Supported Samsung Galaxy S5 to S10 and Note 4 to Note 9

Like other mods, YOWA no root APK can be used along with official WhatsApp app and with any other WhatsApp mod apps.

World has go too far with useful technologies and gadgets. Life change, preferences change and the way we’re living is change as well. Now people prefer social media rather than using network for calls and messages.

WhatsApp has become popular messaging application around the world. It is very popular and most using app everyone has it on their device for messaging and calls.

But in the midst of so many people, some users aren’t pleased by its functions. There’s something they might have.

YoWhatsApp Configuration

App Size43.10 MB
Last update1 Day Ago
Android Version Required4 & 5.0+
Root RequiredNO
App NameYOWhatsApp
Base version2.20.197.17
App LanguageEnglish

Download YO WhatsApp Apk

Download latest version of YoWhatsApp by clicking on Download Button.

So, replacements were found based on the original app as is the case of WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp and YO WhatsApp Apk Latest version (YOWA).

YOWhatsApp Features


  • Performance enhancements make it work faster than WhatsApp. This is what make it different.
  • New text fonts permit to change size and type. Includes Android Oreo emoji’s.
  • It helps you to choose who can call you. You can change the visibility of your status if anyone can see if you’re writing and recording or message. The checks that indicate that a message has been received can be hidden.
  • Want to have regular layout and theme of default WhatsApp messenger? Well, then you should get YOWA 2020 version. You can customize your WhatsApp by changing them of WhatsApp using YoWhatsApp.
  • Any kind of file can be sent such as APK, ZIP, PDF… Even allow you to send files of over 700 MB.
  • Special locking mode with PIN, pattern, impression or fingerprint.
  • YOWhatsApp is Anti-Ban. So, you can send messages without any limits and can use this app as much as you want.
  • You can tap record button and swipe up to keep recording your voice.
  • You can block specific WhatsApp calls. You can also allow who can call you on WhatsApp with YOWhatsApp.
  • In WhatsApp, you can’t send messages to somebody if you don’t have his number but in YoWhatsApp, you can send messages to anybody without saving their contact number in your phone. Interesting. Isn’t it. Well, yes.

Download YOWhatsApp

Download latest version of YoWhatsApp by clicking on Download Button.

Is YOWhatsApp Legal?

Lots of users are confusing to think if YO WhatsApp Apk is legal. Well, here I’ll clear all your worries regarding this issue. I must say, you’re not going to get any trouble for downloading and using it.

Though, it’s developed on the WhatsApp versions for the instant messaging by WhatsApp and WhatsApp Inc. hasn’t certified any other developer to develop applications using the same source code.

We can say there’s no type of approval and the software isn’t open-source who amends and modify the code is overstepping WhatsApp’s property rights even with not looking for any fiscal income.

Well, that’s another discussion which is not necessary to converse. The point is if this is legal and the answer is yes, this is legal and you can use it, download it without any worry.

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