GB WhatsApp FAQ

Here are common frequently asked questions about GB WhatsApp that users are looking for answers to. So, here is GB WhatsApp FAQ.

How Can I Install WhatsApp Plus on My Device and Which Android Version I Need to Run WhatsApp Plus?

This is very easy. Go to device’s downloads folder after downloading it and click on the APK file to install it on your device. You need to have Android 4.0 or above to run WhatsApp Plus.

Is WhatsApp Plus Dissimilar Than OG WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp?

Well, no, all these are comparable versions of WhatsApp with the same simple functionality and additional features.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe to Use?

Yes, this is totally safe to use. This is created with the same platform as WhatsApp, just new features are added.

Can I Download and Use WhatsApp Plus on iOS?

No, this app is available for Android only.

Can I freeze Last Seen?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus gives the feature to freeze ‘Last Seen’.

Let Me Know If ‘Root’ is Required to Use Full WhatsApp Plus Features?

No, you do not require ‘Root’ to use and install WhatsApp Plus.

Can I Secure any Specific Chat or can Secure the Whole WhatsApp Plus Profile with Password Protection?

It helps you to do the both. You can password-protect any single chat ad n the complete WhatsApp Plus profile without difficulty.

Guide Me to Restore My Chats from WhatsApp Version to WhatsApp Plus?

A: Open your WhatsApp, the previous version, Go to Settings à Chat Backup à Back up Now.
Backup of your chat to your local storage will be created. When you’ll register on WhatsApp Plus, it will ask to restore chats.

How Will I Know to Update WhatsApp Plus?

Keep visiting to our site for the latest version. As soon as it will available, we’ll provide with link to download and upgrade WhatsApp Plus.

Can I Use and Run Various WhatsApp Plus Applications on a Single Device?

Yes, you can. We mentioned in article that two or three WhatsApp Application can be ran on single device but you’ve to verify each application using different contact numbers. So, contact number should be different to verify the app.

Can I Use WhatsApp Plus if WhatsApp isn’t Uninstalling?

Yes, you can with no trouble. You can install and run another version, GBWhatsApp on your device along with WhatsApp.

What if I Want to Move Back to my Previous WhatsApp?

No problem. Uninstall WhatsApp Plus then install WhatsApp again. That’s it.

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